Year 5/6 Summer Brain Workout

Well done for completing another successful year at St Peter’s. You have all made some excellent progress this year and to help you keep those growing minds ticking over, we have assembled some tasks for you to complete over the break. Some can be completed on your own and some would be best with a bit of adult assistance. There are tasks for Reading, Writing, SPAG and Times Tables.

It's always important to keep up with your reading, especially your comprehension skills. Whether you're working on your inference skills or your information finding skills, there is a game or a task here for you.
Here you will find some games that test both of the skills mentioned above.

Below you will also find a range of texts with inference or information finding related questions to have a go at.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is an important part of your learning. Here you will find some links to a few SPAG related games. You will also find the spelling lists for Year 5 and 6 so that you can brush up on the spellings you are expected to know. Remember that you can always make your own Look, Cover, Check sheet at home for your spellings. You will also find a handy guide which explains all the SPAG terms that you will need.
This year we have had a big focus on using a range of grammatical features to ensure that our writing is the best quality it can be. We would love to see you continuing to practise these skills over the summer holidays.
Any Year 5/6 who completes and extended piece of writing and submits it at the end of the holidays will receive a prize. There are, however, criteria to qualify your writing for the prize. Your text must include:
  • Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions (e.g. when, as, if, however, although etc.)
  • A wide range of punctuation (e.g. colons, semi colons, hyphens, brackets, ellipses, apostrophes etc.)
  • Well chosen words for effect.
  • Use of similes and metaphors to enhance description.
  • Use of passive voice (Yoda voice) Se for support in understanding and using the passive voice.

 The link below will take you to some writing prompts. You may select which one you wish to use for your writing. Feel free to complete more than one if you wish.

Writing Prompts

We are really looking forward to enjoying some reading of our own in September. It can be either hand written or typed.

Good luck.

Using these links below, you can access a range of games that are enjoyable and will help you stay fresh and ready to beat the Fast Maths grids next school year.

Alternatively, you could print these blank Fast Maths grids and work on beating them at home. If you succeed, change the numbers to make the grid trickier for yourself.

Remember: You only have 5 minutes to complete the grid and you can only go horizontally along the lines. Don't skip any, they must all be completed before you move on; no picking and choosing which questions to answer.